Saturday, January 5, 2013

O Tannenbaum

So, today, down came the Christmas tree after close to a month standing tall and joyfully in all its shiny, sparkling grandeur. Pulling out its box from the store room reminded me of the promoter who served me when I bought the tree. A miserable looking part-timer with a non-existing smile who had most likely just completed high school. It was school break after all.

He didn't talk much. If he did, it was an inaudible mumble. As would most customers, I felt perturbed. Especially since I had been so excited to make the purchase. I expected a service with a smile. Good service, no less. Obviously, I did not get any of that that day.

But when I was taking down the tree, branch by branch, gently and patiently removing all the leftover cotton snow, I reflected on what had transpired that day in the mall and realized that, maybe in this time and age, all of us tend to take too much care in nitpicking when we do not receive what we think we deserve. Instead of feeling perturbed, what would I have lost if I had smiled graciously when he opened the box for me to inspect, being my chatty self with him just like how I always will be when I'm excited? The answer is nothing.

Why then, should I choose to feel so negatively rather than to turn the vibe around and exude some positive energy?

New year brings new change.

Love more, give more :)

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